alljacq_logo2jALL JA CQ ROOM is communicate by CQ calling on a main theme. You can make not only CQ calling but also appointing calling. There are many Japanese stations , but all stations in the world are welcomed. You can use this room by neighboring WiRES-X node station which exist all over the world. When connected to #20510 as for one QSO, around 10-15 minutes. A large number (from 60 to 170) of nodes are connected, so we make mutual concessions together. If you wish a long QSO, you should be changed to the connection in another ROOM or NODE again. The empty room search system is active. Check WIRES node and room search site.

How to make a “CQ calling”

Start “CQ calling” after having received for 3 minutes not to QRM. You can make CQ calling less than three times. You had better send a call sign clearly and briefly. Long CQ calling and “CQ running fire” are disliked. Good Calling Example, “CQ This is (Your callsign less than 3times) via WIRES from/by (node number or your QTH) , go ahead!”. There is the atmosphere that seems to be wide area repeater system. Because many nodes go in and out frequently into the room, a timing is very important. There are several operater good at English. Challenge “CQ calling in English” on the 20510 room. If no responce, you can make CQ callings less than 3times within 3min.

To simprex Node owner and node managers

CTCSS or DCS squelch is mandatory for simplex nodes by FM mode. If you connect to room of 20510, Node stations had better work in low or middle power and must use CTCSS or DCS squelch and “DTMF audio mute” not to caused QRM. If your node caused QRM or QRN into the room, it will be disconnected or muted or refused from 20510 room by the management team. Cross-links to other linking programs (EchoLink, IRLP,etc.) or even other WiRES-X or WIRES-II rooms are prohibited.  If your node is capable of cross linking to something else, please disable that capability before connecting.

About Repeater Linking node

In 20510 room, Repeater IDs or Controller messages and Local QSOs are not allowed at all. This requirement is very important. If your node is linked to a repeater,it may not connect to this room. But repeater node that is direct wireing to repeater system is no probrem.

ALL JA CQ ROOM management team